Amazon Jungle #Super Fruit Fiesta

Amazon Jungle #Super Fruit Fiesta

Get a clean and glowing skin with this clay mask made with Açaí, Goji and Avocado. Who said fruits are only good to eat? Treat yourself with this mask packed with natural ingredients. 

How to use: 

  1. Mix the powder with a cup of water 
  2. Apply the mix to your skin with the help of a face brush
  3. Wet the sheet so it softens up
  4. Put the sheet on your skin and let your face absorb all the amazing ingredients

Amazon Jungle + Anti-Pollution-Moisturizing-Perfecting + Skin Nourishing + Detoxify-Smoothen-Calm-Anti-Aging + Strength and Vigor + Celebrate Happy Skin + Natural Ingredients + Skin Cleansing Made Easier and Convenient + DIY Powder-to-sheet, 6.7g

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