#replacethebottle with Biovène Barcelona shampoo bars!

#replacethebottle with Biovène Barcelona shampoo bars!

Biovene Barcelona have launched shampoo bars in January 2020 is part of their #replacethebottle campaign. As an eco-brand they are committed to doing projects as part of this launch with beach cleanups in Barcelona and all over the world.

The bars are packed with powerful natural ingredients & essential oils and gentle enough to be used daily and leaves hair with an incredibly clean, fresh and satisfying feeling. For all hair types. Dermatologist tested, plastic free, pH-balanced, vegetarian – without sulfates, parabens and palm oil. Not tested on animals.

The Biovène Barcelona shampoo and conditioning bars — which use natural ingredients including essential oils and are gentle enough to be used daily — are available in five variants: Hydrate Repair, Damage Control, Moisture Volume, Clear Protect and Nourish Restore.

You can shop online at https://www.lovelula.com/t/brands/biovene-barcelona

Hydrate Repair – Argan Oil & Mint

This includes natural argan oil, peppermint, macadamia oil, beeswax and shea butter. Designed to recover shine and softness with optimal hydration the blend aims to help combat hair loss, maintain a healthy scalp and repair hair damaged by colour and styling.

Moisture Volume – Biotin & Apple Cider

This uses apple cider vinegar, apple extract, biotin, shea butter and beeswax to give thicker, fuller and healthy-looking hair. The moisturizing shampoo bar volumizes, strengthens, rejuvenates and seals in moisture while preventing scalp-irritating build-up.

Clear Protect – Citrus Dream

This offers a burst of citrus along with beeswax, shea butter, minerals and lime and lemon essential oils. It is formulated to moisturize dry hair with a blend that enhances natural highlights and protects against breakage while providing elasticity for softer, smoother and revitalized hair.

Damage Control – Coconut & Keratin

This combines natural coconut oil, macadamia oil, keratin, beeswax and shea butter. It helps rescue damaged, dull-looking hair and give a velvety softness and glow. Keratin is included to revive, strengthen and prevent split-ends while promoting healthy length and density.

Nourish Restore – Pink Heaven

This blends beeswax, shea butter, minerals, vanilla and essential oils of lavender and grapefruit to smooth, soften and restore hair while deeply cleansing and refreshing. It aims to remove build-up and nourish every strand for stronger, healthier hair.

The bars are suitable for all hair types, are dermatologist-tested, plastic-free, pH-balanced, vegetarian and not tested on animals. They come in eco-friendly packaging.

As part of the launch the brand will be committing to projects such as beach clean-ups, not just in Barcelona, but worldwide.

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